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“HEALTH IS WEALTH” is the common quote used, but minor inconveniences remind us of its importance. DIURETICS is a drug used to flush out extra fluids from the body and reduce blood pressure by making organs (kidneys) flush out extra salt and liquid through pee. It is also known as water pills. Anti-inflammatory pills are the drugs used to relieve pain or reduce inflammation of new wounds. Here’s how they act as pros in relief and are used for various purposes.

Reduces blood pressure variations – 

The common use of diuretics is to reduce blood pressure in the body as it widens the blood vessels. It works within a few hours of consumption. It is provided to treat people having health issues like high blood pressure, heart failure, renal failure, pulmonary edema, etc. it is commonly and widely used by medicinal practitioners. It works in advantage even to older adults, and it does not cause any damage or side effects by usage. Edema is swelling that is caused due to excess fluid accumulation in body tissues. These diuretics are given to reduce the swelling. 

Curb heart problems and other diseases – 

These diuretics should be taken under the proper prescription by their respective physicians or doctors to ensure their kidneys are working normally with the right level of potassium or metabolism while consuming these pills. These pills may cause dehydration and constipation if the proper amount of water is not taken, and it causes one to pee more frequently. It is also helpful to treat certain symptoms caused by Alzheimer’s disease and avoid the problems related to the heart as it helps in proper pumping. Certain foods that contain diuretics are ginger, caffeine, alcohol, etc.

Various pain – One relief – 

The anti-inflammatory pills are drugs used to relieve pain that results from sprains and strains, period cramps, cold and flu, arthritis, headaches, etc. These are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). The main purpose of these pills is to curb inflammation and relief pain.

For example, let’s say a person had a major strain or ligament tear in the ankle, and it is swollen due to liquid storage at that spot and causing too much pain to an individual. The doctor will suggest either diuretics or any other anti-inflammatory pills to reduce the swelling and inflammation. Another example where a patient has a weak heart and has high blood pressure and is getting other problems, these medicines are prescribed along with other necessary medicines by the doctor either as a tablet or through the liquid form in case of patient hospital stay. 

In this pandemic time, change in technology such as work from home, online classes, various shifts of work, increase in screen times of kids and adults has led to frequent strains, headaches, cramps etc. The adulteration of food and change in food habits leading to malnutrition and lack of resistance have increased the need for these drugs or pills in our daily life. The fast-moving world needs fast solutions nowadays to all problems.

These Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill help in fast relief from pain and are proven to be helpful to the body to maintain proper functioning of organs. These come with almost negligible side effects, making them suitable for the current world scenario. 


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